Over 25 years experience delivering business software and database developments for multiple business sectors.



Microsoft, ISO and Prince company accreditation, delivered by qualified and highly trained analysts and programmers.



Striving to deliver software at the cutting edge of Microsoft’s powerful development toolkit.



Our broad experience has given us expertise in analysing and understanding business information, operation, workflow, process and data.

Software Support and Maintenance

Software Support and IT Support Contracts for Bespoke Systems

At PACE we can provide the system support for your business critical bespoke developments, bespoke applications, bespoke web developments, bespoke Windows developments, custom systems and databases.

System Support and Maintenance to Help Keep Your Costs Down

We help our clients keep their costs down by offering day to day assistance and helping remove many of the problems encountered in running IT systems. We provide continuity of service, so they don’t have to face disruption through staffing issues. This means that IT is one area of our client’s business that can become worry free.

Support services we provide include:

  • Telephone, remote access, and on-site technical support
  • Piecemeal development
  • Process advice and consultation

The technologies we support include:

  • .Net software support (C# and VB, all versions)
  • Visual Basic Support (VB6) and VBA Support
  • SQL Server Support (all versions)
  • Microsoft Access Support

Flexible Support Levels to Suit Your Requirements

The nature and importance of all systems varies. And so should the support that covers them. At PACE we will build a support package that suits the criticality of your system and the level of support you need around your budget. Whatever you choose, you know you'll always have one of the core PACE team, familiar with your systems, available to assist when you need it.

Data Management

A company's data is its single most important asset. Successful management of data is vital for the smooth operation of any organisation. We are qualified and experienced in the majority of the current popular database tools. Whether your data is in old bespoke systems, or third party applications we can in take this data and either extract it or provide the tools to share and manage this data outside your existing systems. This can save a company large license fees on underutilised software.

Keeping Your Old Legacy Systems Operational

At PACE we will be happy to review and support any Legacy Systems, keep them operational for you, and determine if we can undertake the necessary enhancements and improvements to bring it into line with your current business.

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