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Realtime Mustering System

For personnel tracking - because every second counts during an emergency

The Realtime Location Mustering System Solution allows for the easy location of personnel in real time allowing you to ensure that staff are where they need to be at any given moment, such as a fire assembly point. It is designed to accurately identify the location of employees, visitors and personnel entering and leaving a building on site in real time, potentially shortening response times and preventing unnecessary injuries in the event of an emergency. Whether the staff are outside (close by), or inside a building, our Realtime tracking systems gives peace of mind that their last known location is recorded.

How does the system work

Each employee is issued with a Personnel badge/tag (RFID) which transmits a unique signal to a Wireless Location Modules (WML) and identifies each user up to 50 metres away, recording them as they enter and leave each building as the Location Modules pick up a signal (typically every 2 seconds). For the purpose of an Assembly / Roll Call Solution, a Wireless Location Module is positioned at each emergency exit point, when staff gather at an assembly point the System logs the presence of all employees at each point to the central system, and more importantly, the last known location of each tracked personnel in real time, displaying the information to incident managers via a smart device or other portable media.

The key benefits of our system

  • Removes human intervention and therefore error at critical times
  • Reduces downtime on evacuation drills
  • Saves time and money
  • Shortens response times and prevents unnecessary injuries
  • Automatically accounts for people and missing personnel
  • Fast and efficient
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Hosted and operated off and on-site
  • Peace of mind
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