Over 25 years experience delivering business software and database developments for multiple business sectors.



Microsoft, ISO and Prince company accreditation, delivered by qualified and highly trained analysts and programmers.



Striving to deliver software at the cutting edge of Microsoft’s powerful development toolkit.



Our broad experience has given us expertise in analysing and understanding business information, operation, workflow, process and data.


PACE Can Provide Your IT Solution

We have the knowledge and experience to solve software and IT problems, and the flexibility to do it in a way that suits your needs.

How can we work for you?

We engage with our clients in a number of different ways to suit their needs.

We will deliver fixed price developments where requirements are known and budgets are controlled.

We also provide flexible developments where phased budgets allocations control time spent on development, and the design is flexible/evolving.

We also work as time and materials resource where there is an on going (but not permanent) need for a IT skills.

We are completely flexible to suit the way you need your IT partner to work with you.

Why do our clients trust us so much?

We are a well established and experienced business with a great track record covering many types of application developments in many different sectors.

These include CRM, financial management, workflow and process management, management reporting and data interfacing.

We are a quality certified company and we ensure all our developers have highly skilled accreditation.

We can be an expert partner for any sized organisation.

If your organisation has little experience at scoping business processes into a technical solution we can be your expert partner, helping you at both the scoping and development stages.

For highly skilled IT departments, you know you are working with specialist application engineers. Our highly skilled team has vast experience working with global IT teams such as HSBC, Santander, Post Office Counters and Bosch Siemens Home Appliances.

Some of our Many Clients and Work Undertaken for Them

  ACM Environmental Champions  ACM - Hertfordshire

ACM Environmental plc
"PACE have been both professional and friendly in all our dealings and it is a pleasure to be able to have a company we can consistently rely on to deliver"

The Problem

ACM utilised a bespoke application to manage their entire business operation. The relationship with the developer had broken down, and the system was perceived by users as being unreliable and 'half finished'. Performance was slow and functionality was often incorrect.

Specifically there was a fear that ACM were not fully invoicing clients for all work undertaken, although they could not track which ones or where.

Overall the breakdown of the relationship with the previous developers had led to a situation of frustration and the management was in a state of bewilderment, unsure of what they could do, and what was right for their business strategically.

The Solution

PACE's approach with ACM was to engage with staff to understand their issues, and consult with them on the best way to provide them with a solution to their problems.

ACM were keen on a replacement system, but PACE felt we could manage their existing system, saving them time, money and disruption. ACM liked our consultative approach and to make them feel even more comfortable PACE put some specific guarantees in place relating to management of the system.

The Result

PACE were able to get up to speed quickly with the existing applications. Significant amendments were quickly made to resolve issues and provide essential functionality, and innovative enhancements were undertaken to the system infrastructure to ensure it fulfilled its potential. This also enabled ACM to allow external customers to access their system and data - a major achievement in this sector.

As PACE took on the management of an existing system there was no need to provide training. This reduced costs and meant there was no internal change management often found with migrating to a new system.

Shortly after PACE took control ACM began to realise the expected benefits of the system. User confidence had significantly risen. Users were much happier and trusted the application more. Trust was also restored in the financial integrity of the application.

ACM rely heavily on their systems to assist with the service they provide, and the confidence ACM now have in these systems has greatly improved their 'product'.

PACE now provide all bespoke developments and support for ACM.

"ACM provide Waste Management Solutions for a wide variety of demanding business clients. PACE have been our partners for several years now, developing and servicing our bespoke in-house system and helping us to improve the unique online portal that many of our clients rely on. PACE have been both professional and friendly in all our dealings and it is a pleasure to be able to have a company we can consistently rely on to deliver. Knowledgeable staff respond quickly and have a good understanding of our requirements and we look forward to continuing our relationship in to the future."

Andrew Attias

  Chalmit Lighting  CHALMIT - Glasgow

Chalmit Lighting
"PACE continue to deliver during our current and rapid period of growth"

The Problem

Chalmit produce complex and unique lighting solutions that are extremely difficult to categorise and standardise. As such, error and rework was being introduced into the Chalmit operations due to poor quality data. Chalmit needed to produce a solution that would accurately manage this complex data generation and management.

When Chalmit first approached PACE they had an initial in house concept and a basic prototype, but they lacked the expertise to develop the required solution.

The Solution

PACE analysed the prototype and suggested ways to develop a more robust solution that would more easily integrate with their existing systems to vastly reduce error and rework.

The solution was delivered in pre-set stages, avoiding any unnecessary impact to their operations. The solution was eventually integrated with existing Sales and ERP systems, and even with specialist shop floor manufacturing technology.

The Result

Overall the error in Chalmit's processes has been largely eradicated due to the success of the PACE systems.

The full and accurate product catalogue has also enabled Chalmit to realise new sales opportunities at the most profitable and accurate margins.

PACE have now developed a number of key Windows based client server systems for Chalmit, including Products Management Systems, Order Management Systems and Bespoke Reporting Systems. All these systems have vastly improved Chalmit's production and management efficiency.

Without these systems Chalmit would have had to adjust their operations around off the shelf software - at great cost.

"Chalmit produce specialist products for niche markets and our system requirements are just as specific. PACE were able to meet and exceed these, often in demanding circumstances, and continue to deliver during our current and rapid period of growth"

Alan Ferguson

  Chrysos HR Solutions Limited  CHRYSOS - Doncaster

Chrysos HR Solutions Limited
"PACE approached the project in a professional manner, listened to our needs and responded accordingly"

The Problem

Chrysos HR Solutions operate and manage HR training courses and accreditations. Chrysos used a collection of historical spreadsheets and databases to manage their marketing, enquiry and course data.

The Chrysos team was spread around the UK, and the management of the data and process had become unworkable. The existing systems provided no process automation or workflow management functionality, and were only accessible by one user at a time.

In addition, due to a fragmented data structure, management reporting was virtually impossible.

The Solution

PACE worked closely with Chrysos to analyse their data, their business needs and current operations.

PACE then designed a system that would secure their sensitive data and would join up a fragmented user group with access to live data, hosted in a secure environment. The system provided the required flow of data through each stage of the business in a way that would promote efficient working and reduce user error within the data.

PACE then enabled Chrysos to define further opportunities within their data to manage their operations more effectively.

The Result

Chrysos now operate a system based around their existing business operation, but hosted from a central, secure, fast and reliable data source.

This ensures the flexible working arrangements used by Chrysos can still be catered for, while expanding functionality to improve user experience, and providing enhanced management control and monitoring.

All this was undertaken using a remote data host, and as such internal operations continue within the bounds of the existing IT infrastructure. There was no need for any expensive software/hardware upgrades.

"At cHRysos HR we provide professional qualifications and PACE worked closely with us to develop a database that enables us to effectively manage each stage of our client relationship from initial enquiry through to final certification. They approached the project in a professional manner, listened to our needs and responded accordingly. As a result we now have a client management system that works for us rather than us having to go to great lengths to gather data and track progress."

Julie Gordon


"PACE has always achieved all that has been required of them, and have continuously exceeded the scope of our support contracts"

The Problem

Post Office required development of a National Cash Distribution system, covering over 50 UK sites, responsible for the forecasting and day to day recording of all cash movements between cash centres (up to £2 billion each day). The figures were used for trading on overnight markets, so system operation was crucial.

Due to internal resource issues, Post Office did not have the capability to deliver the required solution in the required timescales.

Post Office also required dedicated support with immediate response due to the critical nature of this application.

The Solution

PACE developed a complex Windows based hierarchical system to provide the required functionality and ensure the strict operational parameters were achieved.

The system was fully secure, very accurate and very robust and reliable. Maintenance of the system was provided through automated update functionality.

PACE provided a 10 minute response and a 30 minute resolution to all support calls.

The Result

The project, which took over 18 months to complete, was delivered on time, and under budget.

The accuracy and reliability of the system ensured Post Office could control and manage cash movements easily and accurately. This greatly improved overnight trading capability.

PACE were closely managed by Post Office to ensure we adhered to their strict service agreements on support, and we delivered a 100% success rate in responding to all issues.

"There has been a very professional relationship between the Post Office and PACE over the years, and where support and advice has been required, PACE has never let us down. PACE has always achieved all that has been required of them, and have continuously exceeded the scope of our support contracts to ensure we receive the high level of service we have become accustomed to."

Andrew Ashall


"PACE seamlessly took over the development of our bespoke operations system on a day to day basis"

The Problem

Rushlift had always recognized the power of well written bespoke software solutions. As such they had spent significant time and effort on building bespoke systems to cope with their specific method of operation throughout their business.

Unfortunately, Rushlift faced an internal resourcing issue which subsequently affected the operational stability of the entire company at all its locations.

Rushlift needed to engage with a supplier who would be reliable, flexible and innovative, and who would continue with the delivery of cutting edge software solutions. Rushlift chose to seek an external partner to eliminate any future risk from using in house staff.

The Solution

When PACE met Rushlift we immediately demonstrated our ability to analyse systems quickly and effectively.

Our flexible approach enabled Rushlift to initially engage PACE on a short term contract to resolve some known issues. This allowed Rushlift to determine if we could deliver all that was asked, and all that we promised we could deliver. Initial issues were resolved efficiently and additional changes were incorporated seamlessly.

The Result

Rushlift engaged PACE on a long term basis to manage and maintain all their internal and external bespoke software solutions, and develop new solutions as required.

Initial issues were addressed in the system within days of engaging PACE, and confidence had been restored within weeks.

This allowed Rushlift to move ahead with plans to deliver web based solutions to their customers, enhancing their core business and products.

PACE still maintain all Rushlift bespoke software.

"Due to a skill shortage within Rushlift and rapid growth of our infrastructure we found ourselves in a position where we needed external support for our bespoke operations systems. We no longer had the internal specialist resource or man hours to develop the systems that were being used to manage our operations departments within Rushlift. Therefore we needed a contractor who could quickly work alongside us and take responsibility for the development of our systems, and move them forward with our rapid business expansion. After interviewing various software companies, we chose PACE, and thankfully they seamlessly took over the development of our bespoke operations system on a day to day basis, as well as advising us on other systems within the business and successfully managing various major projects to aid our business expansion."

Mark Parton

  UK Steel Enterprise  UK STEEL ENTERPRISE - Sheffield

UK Steel Enterprise
"PACE brought an extremely professional approach to the table and worked very closely with us throughout the development"

The Problem

UK Steel Enterprise was part way through a major rewrite of their key management and operation systems when their relationship with their developers broke down.

UKSE required a supplier to come in at short notice, understand the development and requirement, and continue with the project to deliver the completed application.

Failure to deliver the software would have a significant impact on UKSE core business operations.

The Solution

PACE took up the development for UKSE on a very flexible basis, in line with all existing standards and specifications.

This included development of a new customisable reporting module.

PACE wanted to make the system as simple as possible to distribute to users, so we wrote a component to handle automatic updates of the software. This significantly reduces management overheads for UKSE.

The Result

The project was completed on time, and to the high standard required by UKSE. This enabled UKSE to fulfil their obligations to their clients, and continued to allow UKSE to undertake its core business function.

PACE have subsequently continued to provide all on-going support and development work on the systems.

"After being let down by our previous programmer mid-way through a redevelopment of our portfolio management system, we had to find someone to see the project through to the end. That's where PACE stepped in. They brought an extremely professional approach to the table and worked very closely with us throughout the development to ensure that we have ended up with the product we wanted."

Richard Thomas

  University of Sheffield  UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD

University of Sheffield
"PACE have taken the entire problem away from us. I am very happy to strongly recommend them"

The Problem

University of Sheffield had made attempts to internally develop a system to manage a complex set of rules, criteria and scenarios relating to asset management and bookings, but had been unsuccessful in delivering a solution that could provide the functionality in an accessible format, that was fully flexible and customisable.

The system needed to allow external user access from all types of interface, and needed to integrate email functionality from a trusted mail source.

UoS decided to outsource the project, despite being under strict budget controls, and having restrictive timescales.

Any delivered solution would also require a supplier that could maintain the system on a long term contract (5 years minimum).

The Solution

UoS chose PACE, and we worked closely with the management team to design a fully flexible solution to fit their unique business requirement.

PACE delivered a hosted browser solution maintained on PACE's own dedicated secure servers.

The system integrates with the University mail servers to seamlessly manage mail flow.

The Result

UoS were able to hand over responsibility for the full project from the early design stages until commissioning, providing only data for initial loading, and user acceptance testing.

PACE effectively removed the problem from UoS, and delivered a solution within agreed timescales and budgets that provided all required functionality.

UoS now have a fully managed and maintained system to undertake a complex operation that enhances student experience and reduces staff workload.

"We chose to work with PACE because they showed an excellent level of understanding of our needs during the tendering process. Throughout the design stages PACE worked closely with many of our team to ensure our requirement was clearly considered and would be fully accommodated, and they duly delivered a solution that has used leading technologies to overcome and manage a difficult challenge for us.

PACE have taken the entire problem away from us, providing configuration and hosting, data preparation and commissioning, full on-going support, and even working directly with our own IT department to seamlessly integrate the system within our corporate infrastructure. I am very happy to strongly recommend them."

Prof. Mark Rainforth

  Voluntary Action Sheffield  VOLUNTARY ACTION SHEFFIELD

Voluntary Action Sheffield
"PACE demonstrated a far greater understanding of our requirements than anyone else, and were able to offer the best advice and support on how these could be integrated most effectively into our business"

The Problem

When Voluntary Action Sheffield approached PACE they were using separate Access databases for numerous business functions including their contact and training management. Staff members each had their own versions, and although some data was linked, each user had created their own queries and reports.

VAS suffered from significant issues with the quality of their data, and the quantity of rework involved in maintaining their systems.

The Solution

VAS needed an easily accessible centralised solution with all their key data brought together and standardised, and this needed to include the most common type of report each user had created.

PACE provided VAS with a .Net web solution on SQL Server. To minimise impact PACE developed this on top of the existing system architecture. This would allow seamless migration, and minor modification to exiting local reporting.

The Result

The PACE system delivered was secure, audited and very powerful, increasing system performance, stability and functionality within it. In additional users could build local bespoke reports.

The system was developed to allow easy creation of management reporting against funding objectives - key in VAS's sector.

VAS has subsequently sold the system on to over 50 other voluntary organisations throughout the UK, and have used the system as a significant revenue stream. PACE support all these additional organisations.

"PACE demonstrated a far greater understanding of our requirements than anyone else, and were able to offer the best advice and support on how these could be integrated most effectively into our business throughout the whole project lifecycle. Years after successful implementation of our systems we still see PACE as an integral part of our IT infrastructure, so much so that we have teamed up with PACE to offer our system for use by other similar voluntary sector and infrastructure. Above all, the team at PACE have always been extremely approachable, and VAS has always enjoyed a great working relationship with them."

Annette Crook

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